WWMA Competition Octagon Cage – 6 Metre


TITLE MMA Competition Octagon Cage – 20′.
Because our cages were designed by fighters, trainers, and engineers as an all star design team, we have been creating and proving to be the best cages on the market for years. Using the best materials, our experience of fighting in the cage, and testing our cages to the extreme limits is how we have figured out our cages are going to be the best cages for your gym or promotion that you can find on the market.

Using industrial strength cage fencing coated in vinyl will not only keep your cage from bowing but help keep all your fighters safe from the elements. The last thing the athletes need to worry about is the cage malfunctioning while competing, and using all structural steel instead of tubular steel like the competition does is going to keep that cage safe and solid.

The ease of putting the cage up in as little as 45 minutes is just another reason why we have the edge on the competition.

Cage pictured has optional mat and padding customizations not included in original price. Create the cage that best represents your gym or promotion with the easy of our in house printing studio.

The Title 8 sided Competition cage package includes:
Bumper pads – 8 X 16″ wide x 72″ tall x 2″ thick äóñ polyethylene rigid foam. 5 hook and loop connecting straps. Sold as 1: Red, Blue, Black, White, Gold, and Gray, in stock. Other colors by order.
8 industrial strength vinyl covered fenced panels covered with Œ_äó thick armacell foam and wrapped with 13äó wide hook and loop enclosure 18oz vinyl wraps on both the top and bottom.
8 4″ X 4″ structural steel posts with 1/4″ thick base plates.
Ring Stairs are all steel side rails with wooden treads. Treads are made from 2×10 boards, painted flat black and have non slip tread tape applied.
The wood flooring is not included to keep shipping costs down but for an additional fee it can be added already cut to the correct specification of the cage.
One cage skirt for entire cage. Red, Blue, Black, White, Gold, and Gray, in stock. Other colors by order.