Grey / Black Karate Gi with Mantles


Standard Grey/Black Gi with mantles- consists of 8 oz polyester/cotton fabric.
The top is constructed with a cross over front, mantles on the shoulders, a grey bodice with black arms. The pants are also constructed in 8oz polyester/cotton fabric with either a draw string waist (larger sizes) or elastic waist (smaller sizes).
Available in sizes 000(1.1m height), size 00 (1.15m), size 0 (1.25m), size 1 (1.35m), size 2 (1.45m), size 3 (1.55m), size 4 (1.65m), size 5 (1.75m), size 6 (1.85m), size 7 (1.95m), and size 8 (2.0m+).
The product consists of Gi top and pants and is supplied with a white belt